Learning German has never been more fun.

The video game that gets children
to speak a new language

Learning German has never been so much fun.

The videogame where children learn languages by talking.

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With Talky, children can finally learn languages in a fun, digital, and comfortable way from home! There’s no need to go to an academy or do boring grammar worksheets. Instead, with Talky, you learn by playing a video game, where you can progress thanks to the newly learned structures. Make the most of screen time to learn a language!

Digital German course for children 8 to 12 years old

Practice speaking

With Talky, you talk a lot from the very beginning thanks to high quality speech recognition. This involves talking to characters, doing pronounciation games and talking to peers.

At your own pace

Talky can be used at home or at school. The learners themselves decide how long they want to play and how many reptitions they need. In heterogen learning groups, everybody works individually.

Learning is the game

Despite other educational Apps, Talky does not reward with games, but all learning with Talky is consistent with the game. You advance, if you are able to communicate.

Play your way
to fluency

Talky is still in development. Sign up for the beta test now and get free access to Talky.

*Currently, our team is working to make the iOS version available. If you want to be among the first to have it, join the waiting list, and we’ll keep you informed.

"Talky is a very good App that certainly will increase our kids motivation."



"The story in Talky is great and it's way easier to learn while playing"


10 years old

"In my opinion, it's a very good App. It really helps students to learn a new language"


12 years old

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