Talky App is an innovative game based language learning app that enables children to learn in a motivating way by playing and chatting with friends. Learners immerse in a fictional world, where they advance levels with their newly acquired languages skills. In Talky, it´s all about talking! 


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Developed by teachers, Talky is the first fully digital language course, that enables children to pass official exams and talk in real life situations. After downloading the App, children start right away and parents or teachers are always informed about their individual progress. In our very first game, children between 8 and 12 years learn German.

In Talky, it is all about Talking

With Talky, you talk a lot from the very beginning thanks to high quality speech recognition. This involves talking to characters, doing pronounciation games and talking to peers.

Yes, it is a videogame!

Despite other educational Apps, Talky does not reward with games, but all learning with Talky is consistent with the game. You advance, if you are able to communicate.

Personalized Language Learning

Talky can be used at home or at school. The learners themselves decide how long they want to play and how many reptitions they need. In heterogen learning groups, everybody works individually.

Our Team


Claudia Heyn

NLP Engineer

Martí Quixal

AI Engineer

Albert Mestre

Lead Software Engineer

Sandro Vilusic


Leila Pontiga

Debby sw rund


Deb. Wagner



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