language learning course game for children.

The videogame where playing and learning languages merge into an immersive experience.

Your children spend +162h/year in classrooms learning languages.

But only 22% of Spaniards are
proficient in a foreign language.

An 8 years old needs 3 years in an academy to reach A1 level. Parents spend around 2,100€.

The Talky Method.


A fraction of a price of a language academy

*NOW limited time only 49,99€ for a lifetime license.


A world full of fascinating characters and exciting challenges. A story that children can connect with.


Learning at their own pace. They only advance when they acquire the knowledge. Available 24/7.


Talky enhances children’s understanding and speaking skills in 90% of cases.

Become a Patron of Talky

Join us on the road to innovative learning. At Talky, it is clear to us, we do not want to make this journey alone. Your support and ideas are the key to this process.

We are currently at a very advanced stage of Talky’s development, being able to offer new users the A1.1 level of German and soon the full A1 and A2 levels in the next 6-12 months as well as new languages to learn.

Lifetime access for
the first 100 Patrons

From Talky we want to thank with special conditions to the first 100 people who believe in this project. Be part of the education revolution.
A single payment with benefits for life.

What do we offer our patrons?

In addition to a unique price for life, these are some of the extras we offer to our first 100 backers:

  • Exclusive access to new beta versions with new learning levels.
  • This lifetime access includes all levels added in the future, beyond A1 and A2.

  • This lifetime access includes all the new languages to learn that we add to the video game.

  • Your name and your children’s names will be included in a special Founder’s Acknowledgements section of our website (subject to your consent).
  • An exclusive channel where you will be able to get in touch with the Talky team as well as with the other backers. There you will be able to make suggestions, vote for new features and you will be updated on all the news before anyone else.

  • Personalized and unique in-game skins for your children, only available to patrons.
  • Personalized portrait as an alien for your child.

The four dimensions of Talky


Players immerse themselves in a virtual world full of adventure, where they can explore, interact with characters, and uncover the storyline.


They allow players to test what they have learned in the minigames and apply it in contextual situations in the open world.


Designed in a fun and dynamic way, these games offer the opportunity to acquire new language concepts and skills interactively.


Allows players to practice what they have learned in writing. Here, they can consolidate their language knowledge.

Children's Future.

Talky is the gateway to a promising future for your children, providing them with a world that inspires and propels them to grow and excel.

In 47% of job offers in directorship positions and 38% in executive positions, foreign languages are mandatory. German is the best paid foreign language in the US with an average salary of $70k per year.


Talky is currently available for Android devices and iPad. Very soon it will be available as well for iPhone. 

At present, German is our inaugural target language, but stay tuned for exciting developments! We have plans to expand to additional languages such as Spanish, English, and French in the near future.

You can download Talky directly from the App Store or Play Store. The first chapter is free to play. If you like it, we recommend purchasing the Lifetime License. It’s a great deal available for a very limited time. You can find all the information on our website.