We want to share with you our story

At Talky, we envision a world where language learning is not a barrier but a gateway to endless opportunities. Our mission is to make quality language education accessible and enjoyable for children across the globe, regardless of their geographical or financial circumstances.

Founded by Claudia Heyn, a seasoned language educator, Talky is born out of a decade-long passion for making language learning engaging and effective.

Our innovative platform transforms the conventional learning process into an exciting adventure. Through Talky, we aim to foster a generation of global citizens, fluent in multiple languages, and equipped with the empathy and understanding to navigate our diverse world.

Our journey doesn’t end with a game for the age group 8-12; there’s much more to come! Join us on this exciting journey towards creating a more inclusive and interconnected global community.

Our Team

Co-Founder | CEO

Claudia Heyn

Co-Founder | CTO

Ralph Winzinger


Dr. Martí Quixal


Olesya Khanfar

Game Development

Sandro Vilusic

Game | Backend

Chris Bejko

2D Art | Animation

Leila Pontiga

Design | Marketing

Sara Cabeza