Support FAQs

If you can not exit the ship then there’s something left to do inside of it. Try accessing the minigames or the logbook.

Robi is your main guide and companion. It is very important that you listen to what he has to say in order to progress smoothly.
Yes, Is the only way to progress with the story, but you can prepare for it in minigames or ask Robi for hep in the dialogs if you need it.
When you hear that the character is trying to guide you, follow them! Remember you can use the Robi button to get tips on what to next in game.
Every time you don’t know how to progress you can press the Robi button on the main screen bar to get a reminder on what to do.
If a character has nothing left to say it the conversation option will nor appear, try doing something else or ask Robi for a tip.
Remember that for getting into bed you have to get in your pajamas and turn off the light.
If night is falling that means is time to go back to ship. Remember you can use the Robi button to get tips on what to next in game.
For now that’s the end of the game, but more content will be coming sooner than you think.

How To Guides

Talky is made out of four dimensions: Open World, Mingames, Dialogs and Logbook

From the very beginning players immerse themselves in a virtual world full of adventure, where they can explore, interact with characters, and uncover the storyline.

To be able to prepare for o talk to all this new exciting characters, access the minigames. Designed in a fun and dynamic way, these games offer the opportunity to acquire new language concepts and skills interactively.

Then player will engage in dialogs. They allow players to test what they have learned in the minigames and apply it in contextual situations in the open world. Progress in game happens by progressing in this conversations.

Finally the logbook allows players to practice what they have learned in writing. Here, they can consolidate their language knowledge.


Gameplay Step by step


  • Internet is needed during the whole gameplay, we recommend to use Wi-Fi while playing and downloading to avoid any content issues.
  • The app may conflict with the device has Parent protection app installed. Make sure to allow the installation and execution of Talky in you Parental Protection app.
  • The main way of progress in the game is through spoken dialogs, so make sure to allow the usage the microphone upon starting the game for the first time.

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